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You and Me Puppets

You and Me Puppets

YOU AND ME PUPPETS were created to provide a way for children to be expressive through the art of puppetry. This style of participatory puppetry is unique – involving the children in each production. The current repertoire includes: ‘Jessica’s Friends’, ‘The Selfish Giant’, ‘Hansel and Gretel’, ‘Memories of a Chinese Grandmother’ and ‘Tales From Greek Mythology’. New in 2002: 'Petit Puppet Plays'

Programs are appropriate for children PreK to gr. 8 as well as general audiences

You and Me Puppets have performed in a wide array of venues from New England to California and most recently have been invited to perform in Africa and China. Schools, libraries, museums, park and recreation departments, private and public organizations have all hosted performances of this participatory puppet theater.

'Jessica's Friends'

An original story on the theme of friendship told with music for pre-school and early primary children.

'The Selfish Giant'

This is an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's short story that brings 'literature to life' through puppets and storytelling. It is most appropriate for children in grades K-5.

'Hansel and Gretel'

A classic German folk tale with music from the opera by Humperdinck. It is a kinder gentler version of the Grimm Fairy Tale. The play includes sixteen children (from the audience) who become angels, dancing witches and Gingerbread cooked. Suited for grades K-5

'Memories of a Chinese Grandmother'

The performance highlights many of China's rich cultural traditions and provides a vehicle for stimulating cultural awareness and sensitivity. The participation of twenty-four students (ideally grades 4-7), adds a new dimension to puppetry and captivates the audience. Children rehearse with the puppeteer prior to performing this piece for an audience. Appropriate for grades K-7

'Tales From Greek Mythology'

This production brings Greek myths alive by weaving together a story about Persephone and Demeter and the origin of the Seasons; Arachne  who is turned into a spider; Phaeton, who dared to drive the chariot of the sun; the hero Perseus, his encounter with Medusa and the winged horse Pegasus, his rescue and marriage to Andromedea and his eventual place among the constellations; and Pandora and her Box. The production includes the participation of twenty-five students who rehearse and perform with the puppeteer. Grade recommendation:4-7

'Petit Puppet Plays'

These small plays are presented in the style of Victorian Toy Theater each with its own unique small theater which sits on a table top. Stories include: 'Sleeping Beauty', 'The Three Bears or A Bed and Breakfast in the Woods', 'The Three Pigs or It Takes a Woman'  Recommended for small audiences gr.K-6 and adults

Also Available:

Puppets in the Classroom: Artist-Educator Partnerships

The puppeteer works cooperatively with teachers to plan puppet projects that add and augment the classroom curriculum and help children to think about what they want to say and how they can say it with puppets.

All residencies are custom designed to meet the needs and goals of the teachers, students and school. Each project includes handout materials for the teacher and includes construction procedures, goals and how the goals will be met.

Teacher Training Workshops

These workshops offer educators a hands-on approach to learn the power of puppetry in the classroom

Please contact us for the specifics of both teacher and student workshops.

'...her enthusiasm is infectious, whether she is working with students or teachers, she inspires creativity' M.Hanscomb, Grover Cleveland Middle School

'Six months after the production our students remember what they had seen and are making important connections to their studies of Greek Mythology' Grade 6 teachers, Coolidge Middle School

'Your visit was such a superb success and learning experience for all of us...the ESOL students thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. They had an opportunities to develop listening skills and vocabulary and a chance to express themselves creatively. The staff workshop was inspiring. But most of all, you have motivated our students! Jean Hill, Whiting Lane School

'Thank you for such a terrific performance with our children...I was truly amazed at what can be accomplished in such a short amount of time...'Memories of a Chinese Grandmother' touched on so many different areas of the curriculum, everyone found it to be a useful and wonderfully exciting way to learn. Even after teaching for nine years, I love it when I am inspired by something so creative.-K. Palmer, Art Teacher, K.C.Coombs School

'...was the perfect puppet show for our 'Kid's Week' program...her exuberant personality had the kids anxious to participate. She's a real keeper!!'-M. Gregory, Concierge, Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center on Cedar Lake


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