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Elena Dodd

ELENA DODD in ‘Meet Eleanor Roosevelt’


‘Meet Eleanor Roosevelt’ , performed by the actress Elena Dodd, is a four-part personal visit from Mrs. Roosevelt. Part I covers Childhood and Adolescence, Part II, Wife, Mother and First Lady, Part III, Private Citizen and First Lady of the World, and Part IV, Advocate for Universal Human Rights. These segments may be presented individually, in sequence or in any combination. A dialogue with the audience follows each performance.  

'Meet Eleanor Roosevelt' has been performed from coast-to-coast as well as France, Germany, China, India, Micronesia and Vietnam for audiences of all ages-school children, university students and professors, senior centers and retirement communities, libraries, private organizations and United Nations Association to name a few.

You may select one or more of the below noted sections for presentation. They need not be in chronological order.

                Part I: 1884-1905 Childhood and Adolescence

                Early childhood years through her courtship and marriage to Franklin Delano Roosevelt

                Part II: 1905-1945 Wife, Mother, and First Lady

                Years of marriage, ending with Franklin's death in 1945

                Part III: 1945-1962 Private Citizen and First Lady of the World

                Years following Franklin's death

                Part IV:1945-1948 Advocate for Universal Human Rights

                Years as chair of the United Nations Human Rights Commission

Credits:  "Meet Eleanor Roosevelt" researched by Josephine Lane and Elena Dodd, directed by Lane, and performed by Elena Dodd, is a four-part personal visit from Mrs. Roosevelt.

Recommended grade level for school presentations is grades 4-12

Also available for young audiences (gr. 4-12) A Day With Eleanor Roosevelt

Classroom visits in conjunction with a performance


What's Said About 'Meet Eleanor Roosevelt'

'...superb...every inch a First Lady' C. Frey, Democrats Abroad, Heidelberg, Germany

'...your performance was talked about for days afterward- a big success for all of us' Thom Ball, Library Manager, Portola Valley/Woodside Libraries, California

'...splendid presentation of Eleanor Roosevelt...powerful presentation' Sharon Holt, Director, Living Legacy Chautauqua, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

'Children have been made personally aware of a woman who demonstrated what it means to be a global citizen' Marj Manglitz, Education Coordinatior, Lincoln Chapter United Nations Association, Lincoln, Nebraska

'Elena Dodd's lively and concise show had the audience glued to their seats as they watched Dodd in rapt attention. Her vivacious stage presence gave one the impression that she was the First Lady herself talking to the gathering at the Ethira of College auditorium yesterday. So moving and impressive was Dodd's presentation of events...that even Eleanor in real would have envied this playwright...' N. Vengadessin, News Today, National Daily, Chennai, India


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