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  Michael Zerphy

Michael Zerphy


With his zany style and participatory humor, Michael has captivated audiences across the United States and Europe. This is a show for general audiences- a family concert of clowning and fun for all. Michael creates a world that continually surprises the audience - a world in which the ordinary becomes magical and failure is turned into success. Music, juggling, a wide variety of props, and even the audience are included in this versatile show, 'Zany Acts' which is appropriate for all ages.  'Michael Zerphy is a clown, but he's no Bozo. He takes his clowning around very seriously' The Boston Globe


Programs for young audiences include:

                    'Don't Do That!' A performance that focuses on problems, conflict and a peaceful approach to solving them. We all experience problems- how we react to them is what sets us apart, and therein lies the tale. Physical comedy, stories and humor set the stage for a look at personal conflict.

                    'Cahoots' The audience has disappeared and a chair takes on a life of its own in a battle with the clown! There seems to be a conspiracy to create comedy as Michael presents the poignancy and hilarity of the classic bumbling fool determined to find a way to deal with life's dilemmas.

Also available: Workshops and Residencies

Follow-up workshops are an excellent complement to a performance. Workshops feature a combination of movement, theater games and improvisation- emphasis is on individual creativity and group cooperation. A residency is a series of workshops that results in a performance of student work.

Workshops also available for teachers, parents and all people with a sense of adventure.


What's Said About Michael Zerphy:

'The program which you presented..was magnificent' -R. Smiles, Principal, Lafayette Regional School District, Franconia, New Hampshire

'I have seen many clown shows in my seventeen years arranging pro theater...but this was one of the best. Michael is smooth, the show moves, and the hour went by without a moment to catch your breath. He is a highly polished performer. The audience agreed and didn't seem to want to leave the theater' -J.G. Jacobs, Theater Consultant, Sullivan Festival, Lock Sheldrake, New York

'Michael Zerphy's work is rich and full of subtlety. His work in both performance and instruction is of exceptionally high quality' - J. Armitage, Director, Boston University Theater Institute, Boston, MA

'True creative behavior comes from the clowning and imagery you model so well...The open-ended and divergent thinking your program arouses leaves an awareness of how fantasy can and should broaden the lives of all of us, child and adult alike.' -C.O'Brien, Resource Teacher for Gifted and Talented, Center School, Hanover, MA


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