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"Petticoat Adventures"

Petticoat Adventures

Storyteller and actress Joan Gatturna presents a one-woman dramatization of the lives of extraordinary yet little known American women, in a series of programs entitled ‘Petticoat Adventures’ These dramatic recreations take audiences of all ages, into the life and times of some very extraordinary women.


Selections Include:

Petticoat Patriot: Soldier Girl of the American Revolution

Massachusetts native Deborah Sampson was a young woman who disguised herself as  a  boy and served as a Continental soldier during the American Revolution! Learn about the daily lives of boys and girls in Revolutionary times and what made Deborah dare to be a soldier. Discover the secrets of disguise that allowed Deborah to serve in the army.   Her story is a true one, and she is cited in the Massachusetts curriculum frameworks as a figure with whom students should be familiar.


Petticoats at Sea: The Story of a Clipper Ship Family

History is full of stories about the captains of America's great Clipper Ships, but did you know that women and children lived and sailed on these ships too? The story of Johanna Sears and her family is based on the true life adventures of several New England families whose daughters and sons proved their courage and skill when faced with perils at sea! The Massachusetts curriculum frameworks recommend that students learn about the Yankee Clippers as part of our country's trade and transportation history.


Petticoats and the Midnight Ride: Tea, Trouble and Mrs. Revere

Rachel Revere and the Revere children were there for it all, from The Boston Tea Party to Paul's famous Midnight Ride.  Find out what life was like in Revolutionary Boston for the family of the famous patriot with a visit from Rachel herself! Hear about home life in a time of tumult and how Rachel and the children escaped occupied Boston to join Paul in exile after the events of Lexington and Concord. It's a visit you'll never forget.


Note: All of these programs are available both for children and family audiences as well as adult audiences.

In addition the following program is available only for adults: Petticoats and Politics: The Story of Mrs. John Quincy Adams

Louisa Catherine Adams, wife of our sixth president John Quincy Adams, was a woman of charm and grace who lived her life in the rough and tumble world of politics. She followed her husband around the world as he pursued his calling as a diplomat, senator, secretary of state and president. Modern women will readily empathize with Luisa's struggle to support the ambitions of her husband which often conflicted with her own needs and the needs of her children. Visit with Mrs. Adams as she shines the light of her ready wit on the trials and triumphs of being married to a great and dedicated man whose first love is his country!


What's Said About Petticoat Adventures:

'Rave reviews are pouring in from (your) appearance at the Revere House! Your program is one of the most popular we have ever sponsored' - Gretchen Adams, Education Director, Paul Revere House, Boston, MA

'You are far more than a storyteller, you are a fine actress. It was as if you stepped through time to tell us your story' - Jan Madrak, Simsbury Connecticut Public Library

'I was finally able to attend one of Joan's performances and thought it was just wonderful' - Suzanne Haley, Supervisor Park Ranger, U.S.Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, Cape Cod National Seashore

'...thank you again for a wonderful program...the compliments were many from both guests and staff-everyone enjoyed themselves! I...learned a lot more about these fascinating women and their times, too! - Margherita M. Desy, Curator, USS Constitution Museum

'Gatturna weaves a cloak of consummate storytelling, mixing just the right amount of fact, roleplaying and audience participation to magnetize the students. 'Can she come back next year?' the teachers ask on their way out!' - Sara Ingram, Talent Development Instructor, Old Saybrook, Connecticut Public Schools


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