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Promised Land

Promised Land (Songs and Stories of Immigrant Americans)


Promised Land, a trio of singer/instrumentalists presents an engaging view of the immigrant experience in America. Using their own families’ stories as a thread, they weave a colorful tapestry that we all share, from the original native Americans, through the European explorers, to the waves of 19th and 20th century immigrants.


Promised Land ‘Songs and Stories of Immigrant Americans’ is an exciting and enriching program for elementary school children and general audiences, combining music and narrative to explore the rich heritage of our country through its immigrants. Personal stories, a wide array of instruments, and audience participation, make for a lively, informative, and stimulating presentation.

For more than fifteen years the members of Promised Land have performed in schools across New England, as well as such public venues as Heritage Plantation, Sandwich, MA and the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, N.Y. Using sing-alongs, a multitude of musical instruments, engaging tales, and old photographs, they combine history, music, language studies and other aspects of the curriculum into an entertaining and educational program.

Their considerable experience and broad range of interest in Early Music and Folk traditions make them particularly well-suited to perform the music that has arrived on these shores during the past five hundred years.


'The artistry of the performers was excellent, illustrating with convincing skill the stories they chose to tell. The student and adult attentiveness was high...' Music Teacher, Dexter School, Newton, Massachusetts

'Every reply received about your performance was a rave review... an outstanding performance... loved how much information was presented...excellent choice of songs. It was a pleasure to have you at our school' Cultural Arts Chairperson, Huckleberry Hill School, Lynnfield, Massachusetts

'...thank you for your wonderful performance.. I would recommend this program to any school or civic group interested in cultural diversity and tolerance. The music and stories were wonderful. Music and the arts are very important to a child's education. Your program was an enriching experience' T.J. Bellantuoni, Head Teacher, Memorial Elementary School, Milford, Massachusetts

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